Operation Neospike

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Rusticolus demonstrates perfect form refuelling Neospike. Slow reverse, throwing limpets back as Neospike follows.

Neospike got stranded 2800ly from the bubble, and was down to nearly no air. Worse of all, he had a broken fuel scoop! (huge damage from a stellar encounter)   Domaq managed to get him fuel in an epic run and saved his life. Then a handful of other rats made a bucket brigade of limpets – over 500 – and he got back to civilization in safety.

My role in all this was very minor. I got in MV Longshot and jumped out 2000ly or so and refuelled Neospike once. Then he had to log off for the evening, and the rescue was completed by other rats the next day. So I went a really long way to deliver one top-up.

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