Fuel Rats saved my ass 22000 ly from home, THANK YOU GUYS!

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CMDR Shadmar writes:

I was on my way back from A*, heading down to the western lower neutron fields, when I discovered a chain of black holes.
There was more than enough scoopable stars, but I was so excited with all the black holes that I … erm forgot to look at the gauge.
…. so then it happened, 0 fuel, not a pixel in the main tank.

I went to //fuelrats.com/i-need-fuel/ and called RATSIGNAL.

These guys are awesome, 3 wanted to help me instantly even if they had to travel 22kly, 10kly, and 8kly. Surly Badger came to my aid first, after 7 hours travel, he had one limpet and that was well enough fuel for me to jump … erm…the entire 1.2 ly to the nearest scoopable… sigh.

It felt kind of strange to call them since I was so careful, and I’ve been out since 8 june. Great service to the galaxy!

So big thanks!!

I had shadowplay running, here is the rescue :

Originally posted here and reproduced with permission.

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