The Fuel Rats Save Stranded Elite: Dangerous Player With 2 Seconds To Live

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What do you do when you run out of fuel in the middle of space in Elite: Dangerous? You’d think that your only option is to wait for those last drops of fuel to run dry and your life support systems to shut down, ending your adventure. Well, it turns out there is another option in the form to a community of players called ‘The Fuel Rats’ – a group dedicated to performing Deep Space Rescues, free of charge.

After finding out about The Fuel Rats via a Google search, one stranded Elite: Dangerous player took to The Fuel Rats’ website, logging a distress call in their chat box. Thankfully, a new Fuel Rats recruit was logged in on their first day on the job.

“As this morning I logged into RatChat and saw not one, but two, XB1 Ratsignal distress calls. And with no other XB1 Rats online, I signed up to both,” said rescuer FeartheKhaliban.

“The first, CMDR The_Janitor2009, was a simple one, 150ly away, by the star, still had fuel for essential systems. With five tons of fuel, he was on his way.

“But the second, CMDR Dplanty1991, well that was a challenge. He was 22,300ls from the star, near not one celestial body, and on emergency oxygen,” FeartheKhaliban continued.

“I had to aim at his wing beacon and use the relative position of the star to get out there. Thankfully another rat came online, CMDR Amuzetcom, came online and headed in-system to double our chances.

“While he got on-site, we talked the client through the procedure. If I guessed right, I’d be almost on top of him. If I’d miscalculated the angle at the start of the run wrong, it could be an astronomical distance,” FeartheKhaliban said.

“Using the last of his energy, he brought his ship online and activated the wing beacon. 300ls away! I dropped in on him, boosted and brought my Asp round in a harsh turn while dropping landing gear and fuelling a limpet.

“It connected. The client informed Dispatch that he’d been refuelled at 2s remaining of oxygen. What a first morning on the job.”

With all the trolls and griefers you encounter online, it’s pretty cool to see that there are groups of people out there just trying to help people. Fuel Rats; we salute you.

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