Elite: Dangerous players form a fuel supply service

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Elite: Dangerous players form a fuel supply service

They call themselves The Fuel Rats and help players stranded in space.

A group of Elite: Dangerous players have created a service to help pilots that have become stranded in space after running out of fuel (it’s happend to the best of us). It’s a completely independent service and nothing to do with developer Frontier Developments, and they’re calling themselves The Fuel Rats. If players need assistance, they can apparently try their official website.

We haven’t needed their services ourselves recently, so we can’t really vouch for the quality of group’s servce, but if you get in trouble in space and you need some extra juice to get back home, we guess all help is welcome, right? At least, it’d be better than being discovered by some pirates out looking for a cheap score…

Elite: Dangerous

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