‘Elite: Dangerous’ Trailer: Gameplay Sneak Peek Released; Fuel Rats Set For Deep Space Rescues [Details]

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Meanwhile, for the space adventure of “Elite: Dangerous”, are you aware that you could do something when you run out fuel in the midst of the adventure? Initially, one might think that the gamer has to wait until the last drop of fuel runs dry and his life support shuts down, but there is another option than that.

According to Now Gamer, there is a community of gamers known as “The Fuel Rats” who are dedicated to performing Deep Space Rescues. What makes it even more of a good news? The service is free of charge. There is a RatChat where the Fuel Rats checks if there are Ratsignal distress calls that need their support.

Fuel Rats will be a very great support for all the trolls and struggles every player will likely encounter in the game. What do you think of the Fuel Rats? Share your thoughts at the comment section below.


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