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(By CMDR Absolver) (link)

So, I did some number crunching on 200 Fuel Rat rescues to see how the Mischief is doing on efficiency, and I thought I’d share some of the data points gleaned from it.

Median rescue time: 11 minutes 30 seconds
Median rescue time on ‘perfect procedure’: 7 minutes
Median rescue time on Code Red cases: 17 minutes

Average rats per deployment:
Average rats per Code Red deployment: 3
Average jump count: 5

Out of the sample, 22 rescues were ‘perfect procedure’, the criteria of which are as follows:
* Client gives information on system, platform and O2 status on first contact
* No instancing problems occur
* No ship changes, rearming or extraordinary measures are done by the rats en route

On average, Dispatch uses 2 minutes to collect needed information and dispatch rats towards clients that do not provide the needed information on login.
The average time for Dispatch to have rats on the way for ‘perfect procedure’ cases is approximately 1 minute. (I lack resolution for better information here, as my IRC client only logs to nearest minute, not seconds)

The sample includes only successful rescues. In the same time period as the sample was taken, 11 clients called for fuel rat help that were not successfully rescued. 5 of those blew up due to O2 running out. 2 clients dropped off IRC and were never heard from again. 1 decided to selfdestruct (Stock Sidewinder). 3 clients made it on their own.

In short – if you run out of fuel, call the Fuel Rats. If you do everything right, you’ll probably be on your merry way in about 15 minutes.

We got fuel.
You don’t.
Any questions?

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