Paul Kavinsky’s horrible fiction.

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Paul Kavinsky looked up from the clipboard that he was writing his signature on. “Twenty million and a hundred thousand credits for the whole job buddy” the burly looking shipyard Forman taking back his clipboard from Paul Kavinsky. The price left a foul taste in Paul’s mouth. Because of the cost of the ship with similar parts was much cheaper in Alliance space. He had sold all of the internal components down to the avionics to generate more money. Paul began to think about that moment when he first bought The Sena.

“Captain this Asp explorer is just like new she only has a couple light years on the clock” Big Rajeev waved his hand in a sweeping gesture towards a grimy looking Blue Asp sitting in a dimly lit Stall. Paul looked at the Asp with its paint worn away on the edges and slopes of her raked fore section. She was definitely not lightly used as it was advertised on the bulletin board thought Paul. Something about Raj just screamed used car salesman. “Now don’t space out on me captain. She was used as an orbital shuttle here in Aloith she’s like new” Rajeev gave Paul a wide toothy grin and put his arm around Paul. “Come now I will walk you around her and show you the features of the Asp Explorer” Rajeev pulled Paul close and began to drag him towards the Asp. Paul looking close at her began to see that there were numerous dents and stress fractures. “As you can see Captain these indents in the plating is a special aftermarket feature that allows you to enter witch space twenty seconds faster” Paul nods as Rajeev hauls him over to amid ship. “The Lakon Asp is one of the fastest ships in the Milky Way. She can outjump all other ships except the Anaconda”. Rajeev let go of Paul as they stood at the stern. Paul looked at her Blackened main drive units and noticed the starboard tail was sharply bent to starboard. Paul frowned and Rajeev smiled “oh don’t worry about the bent tail captain it just needs to be adjusted”. This is a rip off Paul thought this guy was literally doing everything to get this ship off his lot. “look Rajeev I want a look in the interior I do not need your sales pitch”. Rajeev looked as if the wind was taken out of his sails and composed himself “um sorry captain I cannot let you inspect the interior I am currently using my special deep cleaning incense it should be done in a few hours” Paul grabbed Rajeev by the collar of his cheap suit and slammed the man onto the plating under one of the drive units. “Look here are you offering me a twenty percent discount off of the ship and parts or not”? Rajeev smiled sweat began to run down his temple “yes captain I am, in fact you will not find this discount anywhere else because of the special place the Asp has in Alliance history”. Paul began to think it through. He knew good old Rajeev here was lying but the discount was too much to pass up. With it being a used ship and the discount in Aloith he would literally stealing the ship if he bought it. “Alright Rajeev get the paper work squared away I’ll take this sled”.

Back in GD 219 McKee Ring Paul signed the paper work and transferred the funds to the shipyard. Paul walked towards the fore section of his weary ship. Good they have not cleaned off the pinup of a witch with a sun in the palm of her hand. The letters painted above the pinup spelling out the ships name were fading away and now almost impossible to read. Paul had that piece of art work done very early in his career with the fuel rats. He was pleased that some sloppy shipyard worker had not vaporized it when they cleaned the ship. Paul walked over to the aft of the ship and made his way up the ramp. The Sena was a decent sized ship with living quarters and a small galley. Her interior was rather bland except for the furniture and other odds and ends that had been acquired from all across the bubble. When he had gotten her from that lot her insides smelled of bio waste and mold. Thankfully the smell had long been vanquished by Surley Badgers homemade cleaning products. She had been used as a slave ship and hauled bio waste on occasion. Rajeev had also lied about the age of Sena she was a first generation Asp explorer as such she had many quirks and bugs in her systems. He got to the cockpit and settled into the well-worn chair. From this cockpit Paul Kavinsky had saved many commanders lives. Some were notable saves such as Karuv or Thehairymob. Other rescues were more of a mundane type. The poor rookie pilot who had just gotten his license often times found himself out of fuel. But even these rescues sometimes it was life or death. Rookie pilots sometimes ran out of fuel in the worst possible circumstances, which made it impossible for the fuel rats to save them. He put his padded cotton helmet on and requested station control for lift off as he spooled up the thrusters. As the ship was being raised to the stations central core a red light was blinking on his radio. A Rat Signal had just been declared. Paul toggled to the Fuel Rats channel and quickly brought up the system map as Goemba read out the clients system. Paul set the nav computer to the edge of the Galaxy as control gave him permission to take off. He immediately lifted off and put the throttle into boost. Sena’s thrusters roared to life and her spaceframe groaned in protest as she shot towards the mail slot. Paul was pushed into his seat as he accelerated off to the edge of the Galaxy. Aitken and Rebecca’s voice came up on the radio urging him to wait because they thought he did not have the range to get there. A large grin spread across his face as he thought that all was right in the universe. He was flying the Sena to the edge of the Galaxy on some mad mission to save some pilot who had a momentary case of space madness.

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