CMDR Gaaaaaaar’s unexpected long range trip

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Well lets see my day started off fairly normal i hopped in my ship and went out into space to do some trade runs. I was on the fuel rats channel making small talk with the other rats when unexpectedly xbox calls started coming in en mass. So i geared up and went to help with some rescues. After completing a few one particular call came in. This particular call light years away from where I was at the time. So for my first long-range journey I started making my way out there.


I linked up with my client in a party chat and we started making small talk because I knew I had a long long journey ahead of me. We talked about many things ranging from types of things we like to drink, too types of places that we would want to visit. At this point I was already dead tired from being at work since 5:30 in the morning. He lived in England and I live on the western side of the US. So there was a massive time difference between the two of us. At one point I told him he should probably head off to sleep because it I knew it was going to take me long time too get there. So once he went to sleep I began my long trip by myself with no company except the fuel rats who happened to be on at the time. That’s a lot of cool sites on my way out there lots of nebulas going inside of one too sate my own curiosity of not being this close to one and wanting to explore.



Nearing the halfway point in my trip I was already traveling for 5 hours out to where my client had gotten himself out of fuel. 5 hours later I finally made it to my destination and the system where my client was stuck. Here was the catch though he was still asleep and I was already dead tired so I made the decision I was going to stay up until he finally got back onto his xbox and that way I would be able to save him and not make him wait for me to wake up from sleep. Finally around 4:30 in the morning my client got back onto Xbox Live and sent me a message saying he was on. So I jumped on and at this point I could barely keep my eyelids open. I got into contact with him we jumped into a party said are good mornings. He asked me how long it took for me to get out to where we were and I told him it took me 10 hours to fly out to the destination where he is. He started thanking me after he found out that it was 4:30 in the morning for me he kept calling me in a god and Xbox legend. I finally refueled him with about 11 tons of fuel and we SAT there and made some small talk and took a few screenshots. After that I told him I was extremely tired and I needed to get some sleep. So I bid him farewell and I went to sleep. So in summary 10 hours waiting four hours for my client to get back on this turned out to be a 14 hour rescue nine and a half thousand light years outside of the bubble. But my rescue was successful and that’s all that matters to me I saved another lost commander that was sitting out in the middle of deep space by himself with no fuel. And that is my unexpected journey.

Signing off -CMDR

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