A Multisqueak with a flicker by Uvelius Sang

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This is a story about dual-language, instancing, semi-self-dispatcher rescue. Right after completing the Drill.

A dutiful Rats’ night
A dutiful sunday night was just in full flow. I had just completed a crisp RatDrill when the Ratsignal was raised from a ship in HIP 316. Six jumps for the ratted up DBX. At first, I didn’t pay much attention, since I was still in RatDrill with some debriefing questions. But when only one Rat responded to the Signal, I decided starting to jump anyway — maybe there would be a rescue waiting. Dispatch hadn’t yet assigned a Rat on the case.

The language barrier and internal dispatching
So when I arrived in system, the Client responded in RatChat to be still in need yet not on emergency oxygen. He logged out to Main as requested. But there was another problem: He was German and almost couldn’t speak English. The second Rat had arrived shortly before but, as he couldn’t speak German, was waiting for instructions.
Dispatch asked whether I could take over the further rescue procedure internally, helping the second Rat with translating. Meaning that we effectively cut out Dispatch for the time being, leaving him free for the many other rescues requiring his attention.
And so we shifted from RatChat to Wing. That hadn’t been all that easy in the first place, since the Client also had never winged up before, and to guide him through the interface in German while I myself only knew the English in-game terms proved to be a minor challenge: There was still a fr- … so I explaned how to send friend requests … finally, fr+ friend request and wr+ wing request both were managed and up and running … alas,the Client had’t raised a beacon albeit being asked for it. Staring at the blank radar screen, I steered him through the interface … press 4, choose the last tab, choose the 3rd option from above, set to „Geschwader“ … and he managed. the beacon signal popped up.

Oooh instancing
So all is well? Ha! Wrong guess. When my wing Rat and I dropped out of Supercruise, there was no sign of the Client … and what was that? Our FSDs started to spool up immediately. Did the Client jump? And if so, why? Next second, the Wing Man Nav Lock responded and dropped us to normal space again. Immediately, our FSDs started spooling up again! And all there was was the Client`s Low FSD Wake.
Quickly killing speed to avoid another jump, I told the Client to log out to Main Menu, we also logged out and exchanged messages to avoid instancing before we all logged in again. Well there was … no Client anywhere. Just a FSD wake again. FSDs started spooling up, breaking the internal comm system. In the meantime, our comms had become a mess: Direct messages to Client, Wing messages, English messages, messages in German, RatChat checks and fr+, wr+, in sys updates, and all that all in the heat of the hurry … it came as a relief as the Client set up his headset and we could start using Voice as well.
Dispatch in RatChat, quickly updated, advised to let the Client do a short-range supercruise jump. And as if the game was teasing us, right when the FSD was heating up again, the Client suddenly turned up on the radar, some 3km away. A quick „STOP! DON’T JUMP! ABORT“ shout through the voice comms avoided probable further confusion. Well. There he sat, thirsty for fuel.

And finally: The Rescue
The rest was just a Rat’s holiday, cruising to the Client, shooting Limpets as soon as he was in range. Thankfully, my Wingman supplied some further Limpets so that the Client could feel really comfortable now. What followed was a nice debriefing, explaining the importance of Fuel Scoops (which his ship lacked) and the whole galaxy map star class stuff. In the end, the Client was so nice to drop some Speed Enhancers. So we did the usual DB, WF routine and that as it. Dispatch was happy, Client was happy, and boy, I was one happy Rat indeed.

Well, that was a nice night’s work. And the perfect Rat start right after the drill.

Signing off for the night,
Uvelius Sang.

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