Cmdr CurbinBabies’ Sixth Rescue Relay

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Only my 6th rescue as a Fuel Rat, and I get an unusual case. After jumping 600ly to client and using 74 fuel limpets, he returns safely to the Bubble.

Lets just say the client I saved, CMDR Planet, will definitely think twice before making the same mistake 😉 The Fuel Rats have had our fair share of strange rescues, from refueling people across the galaxy to saving people who flipped their SRV and didn’t know it had thrusters, and also telling a client to recall their ship to fix the canopy’s busted glass.

Well last night I had my own interesting save. So I’m sitting in outfitting telling a friend the build I have for my Ratconda and just having a few beers. Seems to be a slow night for the Rats so I plan on a little bounty hunting. Next thing I know a call comes through about a CMDR stuck in 17 Draconis, a good distance outside the bubble. I look and see I’m about 600ly away. Ok no big deal…. Yet here is where it gets interesting. The client is in a station full on fuel! Why does he need our help? In the meantime dispatch tells me to pack a lot of limpets as this will be a long rescue and no other Rats are calling jumps or are close.

“Ok….but why doesn’t he just buy a fuel scoop?”

“There are none for sale at this station”

“Then how did he get way out there with no scoop and get stuck??”

“Client went out to system with a vulture and fuel scoop, and accidentally sold his ship for a stock cobra, and no parts are available. No FSD, no Fuel Tanks, and no Fuel Scoop”

Are you kidding!? Well, off I go to escort this guy 600ly back to the edges of the Bubble…all the while he is in a Cobra MKIII with about a 10ly jump range.

So for the next couple hours I provide an escort role. I tell the client the nearest station to go to, which was Manawydan, and made sure he was on fastest routes instead of economical. Every time his fuel was low he would drop out and provide a beacon, and I would jump in and refuel him. With him having a 10ly jump range and stock fuel tank, I burned through 74 fuel limpets to get him back.

On our journey we had some good fun, talking about music we listen to and having a few drinks and small talk to pass the time. The client knew his grave mistake and was too hasty clicking buttons i the shipyard, and was a little embarrassed about it for obvious reasons. I assured him it happens to the best of us sometimes; that at 4:30am I was still having a good time and don’t worry about having to call me for help.

Nevertheless I would do a far range rescue/escort again and again for no pay whatsoever. My client CMDR Planet was a good guy to talk to and will hope to see him as one of us in the future. This is what Fuel Rats do everyday, and we are proud of it!


…and After

CMDR CurbinBabies, via Reddit

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