The Rat Lab

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For a few months now, unbeknownst to many, there has been a small circle of rats working their fleshy little tails off to make it easier than ever to save the lives of CMDRs everywhere. I’m hoping for this dev blog to become a place to keep rats up-to-date with everything we’re doing behind the […]

When the Rat was almost saved by the Damsel. A real-Drillrat report

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Once upon a time, two Rats gathered to undergo the famous Rat trials, known as »the Drill«. They were Stymean[DrillRat] and Uvelius[Drillspatch]. It all looked like a usual friday at lunch time, when the OverRat called them to show what they had learned. As the thirsty client asking for some fuel, the DrillDamsel stood ready […]