Dude, why’s the leaderboard broken?!

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Since the launch of the new paperwork several days ago I’ve heard the same question in many different forms:

I think the leaderboard is broken, it’s not updating with new rescues!

Why aren’t my rescues showing up on the leaderboard?

I submitted my paperwork but it’s not showing up on the leaderboard!

It would seem we haven’t been clear enough about the new paperwork so I wanted to put together a short guide on how the new paperwork works and why the old paperwork doesn’t.

We’ve outgrown Google Docs

The old paperwork has served us very well for almost a year. Over 8000 rescues have been filed through the old Google Form, submitted to the Google Spreadsheet, and listed on the website for all rats to see. We’ve used it faithfully through thick and thin. However, we have recently begun to see the very worst thing happening with the old paperwork… lost rescues.

It would seem that the Google Spreadsheet and the old paperwork form had become disconnected at times and could only save successfully on rare occasions. Why this was happening we still don’t know but it became very clear that we needed a new solution.

Enter stage left: The API

For the past several months I’ve been working on the Fuel Rats API. More recently xlexious and NoLifeKing have joined the tech team and begun helping me with it. For the less technical rats out there, you can think of an API as a big brain in the sky with a really good memory. It serves to store information about rats and their rescues, as well as allowing other systems to access that information.

The API and the tech team were born out of my desire to create a new dispatch board that could be connected to everything from Mecha to the paperwork to make a rat’s job seamless. The whole idea spiraled out of control and now we’ve got a bunch of noobs jerks wonderful human beings rats on the tech team writing all kinds of junk awesome tools.

Now the API is nearing completion but with the old paperwork starting to give us grief, we needed to get something out the door. The new paperwork was a spit and glue effort to make it possible for rats to submit their rescues to the API. We also added the ability to create rat accounts so that rats could check out their rescues.

Okay… but what about the leaderboard?

Shut up, I’m getting there, sheesh.

We’re currently working on fixing some bugs in the paperwork just so it’ll save rescues correctly, then we’re gonna work on finishing up our admin tools so that Orange_Sheets, DerryBear, Domaq, and all the other wonderful mods can go in and fix any mistakes you think you may have made when submitting your rescues.

Once that’s all done we’re going to work on getting a new leaderboard put together. You’ll finally have a shiny new place to see if you’re back on top of the ranks, Bold_Mole.

Keep in mind, these things are far from finished. I had no intention of releasing the paperwork or anything until the API was done and even then there was going to be a complete overhaul of the website to make it easier to find the information you need and to integrate all of the shmexy new capabilities that we get from the API into the website. That’s still coming, but we’ve got a long road ahead.

If you experience any issues, please make sure to let myself or Absolver know and we’ll look into them as quickly as possible. There’s a list of known issues below that we’re already looking into. 😉

  1. REGISTRATION: If you create a new account but your CMDR isn’t on the list of registered rats, it’s not linked to you account. Adding your name to the list now won’t fix it but a fix is coming
  2. PAPERWORK: If you use the wrong casing for your CMDR name, the rescue isn’t linked to your account.
  3. ACCOUNT: Rescues don’t show up. This is usually caused by one of the two issues above.

2 thoughts on “Dude, why’s the leaderboard broken?!

  1. If you do have problems with the current leader board, please send me a private message with the details in Elite Dangerous Forums and I will have a look. I recently updated the leaderboard so it “should” be counting again.

  2. Error report: Under both Firefox and Opera, Win10, after filling the form with the correct CMDR name (choice from the dropdown menu):
    a.) Submit button doesn’t respond at all. The page neither reloads nor displays any message, nothing happens.
    b.) I couldn’t add other Commanders in the “Who was there” line. After inserting one name and adding a comma, that name is deleted when choosing a second name.

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