Suggestion: Command list for new RatSpatchs

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dispatch_kl200Here comes a suggestion for a command list that may make life easier (not only) for new RatSpatchs. Including mecha2 beta commands. And HexChat User Command text insertions are also included at the end.

Download as OOo created doc/PDF: [Ratspatch command suggestions (doc)] [Ratspatch command suggestions (PDF)]

Adjust as desired!

Mecha 2 DISPATCH PROTOCOL (PC) ver. 1.3

Note: adding »-lang« throws the localized version if present.
Example: !pcwing-de shows German description.
Hello C, need fuel?

(If Mecha didn’t throw the question already:)

C, are you on emergency oxygen ? (blue countdown timer top right)

!cr C

(If C’s IRCnick not CMDR name)

C, your in-game name?

!cmdr C (NAME) (If Epic rescue do !epic as well)

C, which system?

!sys C

C, PC or XBOX?

!pc / !xbox C

!grab C (former Cs line), in case of Mecha 1 even better instead:

!inject C <system> | <platform> | <oxy ok/ C-R x:xx>

(CR or if enough time)

Rat1 please confirm client’s location via GalMap.

(if wrong sys)

!inject C corrected system <system>

(not in CR)

!prep C


!pcquit C


C, stay in main menu until i explicitely tell you to log in. You know how to send wing requests and drop beacon?

Go Rat1 Rat2

Stand by/down

!assign C Rat1 Rat2 (!go works same)
(if a rat stands down)

!unassign Rat2

!pcfr C


Please log back to Open play. Quickly send wing requests and drop beacon as follows.

Now please add the rat to your wing and drop your beacon

!pcwing C
!pcbeacon C

Did you add the rat to your wing ?

Rat2 please chain the wing with Rat1 to avoid any further complication.

(In case of No option to wing with Rat:)

(This should be done by a good Rat in any case)

Rat1, please check if client is in Open: Comms -> Friend tab, Player in solo and main menu are tagged as [Solo Play] or [Main Menu]

(Alternative, not that smooth though)

C, are you in Open Play? Press ESC to check.

(In case of INSTANCING; read the manual for alternative approaches)

C can you please power up your trusters, your FSD and try to jump to SC for 10 seconds to get away from the sun.
(If client »cannot jump« and is not CR)

C Please un-target any destination system (press 1 for the nav panel). You need to do a local supercruise jump, not hyperspace. If present, you can target the upmost [_] UNKNOWN local object or the local star.

(in case of many rats/cr)

Rat1 you’re lead rat for this op; make calls based on what happens
in-game once we give the go

(Debrief and sy)

Rat1, great job! db+pw.
!clear C
C, you are welcome. Recommend the Fuel Rats!

Recommendation for User Commands (HexChat) to make Dispatch’s life easier. »/[term]« is the command that would trigger text insertion

Note: Some commands will become redundant under Mecha2.

/hello say Hello %2, need Fuel? If so, please tell us the system (full name) you are in and whether you are on PC or XBOX.

More rattish version, by Kerenn:
/why say Why Hello there, Commander %2. I’ll be your Dispatch for the evening. You need fuel? Good. Make yourself at ease by disabling every module except life support, grab a cup of Insty-Bruu and relax, one of my Rats will be with you in a jiffy.

/hello2 say Hello %2, are you on emergency oxygen (blue countdown timer top right)?

/o2 say %2 : Please note down your current system and distance to star and quit to the main menu. Please don’t log in until I expicitely tell you to do so.

/pc %2 please tell us whether you are on PC or XBOX.

/fr say please add the rats %3 %4 %5 to your friends. To add a rat to your friends list press ESC and go to ‘add friend’ and search for the rats CMDR name.

/wing %2, Now please add the rat to your wing and drop your beacon

/sc %2, please power up your trusters, your FSD, point your ship away from the sun, UNTARGET any destination system (or target the local sun or any planet instead if present, press 1) and try to jump to SC for 10 seconds.

/ratchat say %2, please type /join #ratchat . We need this channel for rescue communication only.

ver. 1.3 by Uvelius Sång, Seer and Dispatch, 03/2016


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