-Black- Rat Holes. A Fuel Rats cartoon.

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Rat Holes. A Rattatoon

Black Rat Holes. The curse of disconnects, by Uvelius Sång

These Rattatoons turn out to have some sort of scrying quality. Last time, right after the Shame Rattatoon, a veteran Rat appeared at a rescue without limpets, for the first time in ages (or ever?)  for him.
Now, just when I finished preparing the first step for this cartoon, I was caught in a very strange dc phenomenon. Right after rescuing a client and refilling my fuel tanks to  hop btb for restock, I dc’ed at spooling up the jump drive. And appeared after relogin at the same place – but with a completely drained fuel tank. Only a little bit was left on the secondary, narrow gauge, just enough not to go Code Red.
So I raised the Ratsignal and let myself be served some juicy fuel by the same veteran Rat mentioned above. The rest of the night was pure dc hell all the way.

Well, we can be proud: The game itself now starts cheating to get us Rats to raise the Signal for Iurselves! i don’t think many player groups can claim THAT for themselves.
Thanks to Rat esxste for stopping by!

Logo credits courtesy: The great Father Cool

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Rattatoon Thursday!

Copyright notice: If you wish to use Rattatoons or parts of them in publications about the Rats, even in commercial press releases as long as they are part of a press release about the FuelRats (CC 3.0 by), feel free to do so. And of course on fuelrats.com. CC 3.0 nc-nd-by otherwise. That’s what they are for (if you think they are appropriate that is). Yet please drop me a note so I can enjoy see them dancing 🙂 /Uvelius

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