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futureFuture. The year Mecha took over, by Uvelius Sång

It has been an excellent year for the Fuel Rats, with most honourable accomplishments, loads of Snickers being consumed, many happy clients and some grudging fleas being cared for. Our Rats really deserve a good time at a cosy fireplace!*

All this also thanks to the efforts of RatTech, who optimized our beloved Mechasqueak even further, making Dispatching and Ratting even more of a delight: Automatic filling of paperwork, auto-registering in IRC, !fact shortcuts and much more. Yet the picture would be all too happy if there wouldn’t be something lurking in the shadows of the future …

… although, on the positive side, auspices seldom come true. Not always. Okay, not this time. At least. Ahem.

Fireplace veteran Grandrats idea conveyed by Orange Sheets – thanks for that!

Logo credits courtesy: The great Father Cool

*) Yes, the beverage in question should be cloudy whitey. But like this it shines better – and that is what counts with Rats. It is end of 3302 people!

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Rattatoon Thursday!

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