Suggestion: Merit Drops also for assists

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I raised the questions of assists and the Leaderboard earlier since I think that we are team players at rescues.
At the same time, I think it is important to have honour “badges” showing that a Rat is dedicating it’s time to save players. As said in the Reddid thread, counting assists fully could have unwanted side effects.

I think a nice solution would be to have not only First Limpet drops (each drop = 100 First Limpets), but also empty drops to show 100 assists. So your assisting is, in fact, recognized.

Here we go:
The empty drop for 100-199 assists,


the “half full” drop for 100+ assists + 50-99 First Limpets,


and the Full drop for the 100 first Limpets as usual. Grab ’em!
So a roundel could look like this for a Rat with 50-99 First Limpets and 100-199 assists:

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