Rattalooga Tours. A Fuel Rats Cartoon Special

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Rattalooga Tours. Uvelius’ 100th Rescue Special, by Uvelius Sång

ratdecal_deliver_1000In  the light of my 100th first limpet rescue celebration, and my absolute love for the Rattalooga,* I decided to  publish this Rattatoon  today already – usually, they are scheduled for the first Thursday each month.

A very special thanks to esxste (Dispatch), Zatie, rex, Dystopia, Bold Mole, Orange Sheets and Fighting Cookie who joined me in their RatCutter, ChaffClipper, RAsp, Rattacondas, RatCobra and such as a honor guard with loads of chaff and many many fuel limpets screeching like mad through the void. I am deeply honoured indeed!

And what could be better than celebrating this outstanding occasion with a drop of fine Bowmore Black Rock Islay Whisky, Bruce Dickinson at full volume, Space 1999 (muted) and of course an Extra Snickers!

Rats, I LOVE YOU bunch.

Rat Fleet gathers for teh Rescue.

The Rat Fleet gathers at Wollheim for the Rescue, meeting astounded non-Rats. 2 Wings rat-ready, some with 96+ limpets. Boy it got crowded on the clients instance! And it even was an inst- case, solved by sc hop.

Maybe the longest paperwork concerning rats in history … maybe 🙂



*) Read about the Rattalooga being thoroughly roasted in a White Dwarf cone here.

Merit roundel credits courtesy: The great Father Cool

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Rattatoon Thursday!

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