About The Fuel Rats

We are a heirarchy-less collective. That means we have no leader and no assigned jobs within the organization. If we disagree about something, we’ll work it out by listening to each other, suggesting solutions, and (hopefully) deciding collectively what to do. Not having leaders does not mean chaos; it is not the dog-eat-dog world of a nihilist/survivalist. Our collective is more like the communes of the ancient Greek philosophers Aristotle and Epicurus: they did not need government or leaders because they were basically in agreement about what needed to be done. The “collective” is more like a team, sharing a common goal. Military units have to resort to hierarchical command-structures in order to get people to do the right thing in a situation where disagreement is fostered by political pressure. In the Fuel Rats we prefer to expect people to do the right thing. If someone doesn’t fit in, they’ll get polite suggestions to find another hobby than Fuel Ratting.

The Doctrine of Individual Excellence: If we do our best, individually, then collectively we’ll be awesome.

Fuel Rat Roles. Rattatoon.
Fuel Rat roles. Schizophrenic as we are, one Rat can fit many roles (not the griefer’s, obviously).

Even though we are leaderless, we are a collective; the actions of each individual reflect on how others perceive the collective. (so, be Glorious!) Every one of us makes all the Fuel Rats collective look good. Which also means that if one of us is misbehaving, they make all of us look bad. If one Fuel Rat feels another is making the collective look bad, your starting move should be: “Hey, please think how your behavior reflects on the collective.”

We are The Good Guys and first and foremost our job – our only job – is to save stranded pilots quickly, courteously, and professionally. Some of us are fairly serious role-players. By all means, role-play if you like. Or not. If one of your fellow Rats is role-playing, it’s probably nice if you play along.

Since the game hasn’t got a very good fee-structure or means of exchanging wealth, we talk a lot about charging a 100t of platinum, an arm, or a liver. If you want to work something out or role-play something with a rescuee, have fun.

Please do not mix other game-play with your Fuel Ratting; while you’re out on a rescue, you represent the lot of us. If you decide to get creative, just be thoughtful.

The Fuel Rats are not a war guild. Yes, we’ll equip good shields, fast ships, even guns, but it’s hugely unlikely that a Rat-pack will go to war. After all, many of the Rats are on different sides and factions. When we’re being Fuel Rats, we’re all on one side: The Fuel Rats. Otherwise… it gets complicated.

Remember that the gaming world is inhabited by all ages and genders; it’s probably not a great idea to use harsh language, gendered slurs, racist insults, etc. You’ll make yourself and the rest of us look bad. Besides, if you want to insult someone, get creative. Tell them that you’d rather suck the painite out of an asteroid with your teeth than have to listen to them any longer. Or, that you’ve vented smarter biowaste out your cargo hatch than them. Whatever. Saying “fuck” and “shit” is unoriginal; it just wastes air. If you want to cuss a lot – make it a personal art form and impress us with it.


Nobody controls membership. Come and go as you see fit. Being a Fuel Rat just means that you’re willing to help if you can, when you can.
Here’s how to join: Go here.
Here’s how to quit: go on #FuelRats and ask to quit; if one of the rats who is logged in has permissions to delete people from the roster and they’ll delete you.

There is a secret Fuel Rats’ handshake. Unfortunately, it’s so secret none of us know it.

If one of the Fuel Rats becomes a problem or is irritating, other Fuel Rats may suggest they want to quit. Nobody’s going to drum anyone out of the Fuel Rats but if people start suggesting you quit, it probably means you’re screwing up big time and you should think about it.

You should be familiar with The Fuel Rats’ Rescue Procedures and Wing operations. If you are not, that’s totally fine: log into #FuelRats and say you want to do a drill. We love doing drills! Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to make your mistakes on a fellow Rat rather than someone else.


RAsp with Fuel Rats decal.