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The Community Bulletin Board

A place were all the goings on in The Fuel Rats will appear and you can get some more info on things.

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Fuel Rats On Twitch

When our Fuel Rats stream on twitch it will be hosted on our official twitch channel

Our Twitch Channel | Host Me !

Fuel Rats Radio

Episode Contents

I told you it wasn’t a Fuel Rats Bakery!

Our Minor Faction

In case you missed it we are now in Elite Dangerous as a minor faction!! Hurrah !! Come to our HQ in Fuelum –  Wollheim Vision as we steer the minor faction to glory!!

For the Mischief !! 

Fuel Rat Events

Its true that our community is one of thee most awesome anyone had ever seen in the history of everything! And its no secret that we have some awesome loot in our coffers. So what kind of rodents would we be if we didn’t give some of that away. Here you can see a rundown of each event we are considering running and even vote for which one we should do next!

OMG Events !!


Voice communication, critical to any well connected community. A place to talk, hang out, share music you like and even hear Radlocks awesome voice occasionally! If that’s not good enough and you are concerned about loosing out in the IRC channels we have you covered with our IRC/Discord bridge, now our IRC and Discord text channels are one in the same.

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Here you will find a run down of what kind of projects are cooking in the kitchen of the mischief. If you want to jump on any of them, then slap the person who is doing it until they listen.

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Fuel Rat Discussions

Since we have no leaders or hierarchy in The Fuel Rats it is common for us to talk things through. Now sometimes an IRC isn’t the right place to hold these discussions so we have a forum thread and also a subreddit in which we can discuss things and even discuss the discussions occasionally!

Reddit me in the face !! | Forum me in the face !!

Our Official Sub Reddit 

Awesome tales of Fuel Rat heroics, thanks from the community and general Fuel Rat awesome in its purist form. Our sub reddit is a great place to share anything from pics of your new ship to that one story about how you got interdicted in your Imperial Clipper by 20,000 NPCs and beat 10,000 of them before you had to high wake. Keep it clean, keep it awesome!

Who can argue with more Reddit!