About the Fuel Rats finances

The Fuel Rats are a not-for-profit entity (but are not registered, incoporated, or anything like that). In order to make sure everyone is comfortable with where we are spending any donations or whatever we collect on loot sales, our budget is completely open.

If we ever wind up with a surplus of loot, we will spend it on tshirts, mugs, and bumper stickers to support other game-play. We do things like give clients mugs, send loot to journalists, media, influencers, etc. Unlike normal marketing organizations, we do it all publicly.

Mostly, Fuel Rat expenses have been underwritten by Surly Badger (AKA: Marcus Ranum) When the Fuel Rats’ are financially “in the red”, Marcus will treat the cash he has put into the Fuel Rats’ budget as a ‘loan’ and will repay it out of the account until such a time as we’re “in the black” at which point the Fuel Rats’ collective will decide on any expenditures of funds thereafter.