Fuel Rats Events

Rattatoon for The FuelRatsHere you will find an outline of each event we have planned for the future. All event ideas for events are welcome of course. At the bottom of the page you will find a poll to vote what event we should hold next, and below that my email address for you events ideas to be taken into consideration. More details of each events will be provided if/when that event becomes our active event.


The Fuel Rats Ram & Slam | NOT ACTIVE

A tournament style event open to the entire Elite: Dangerous community. Each person who signs up through our sign up process will equip themselves with a sidewinder to a set of specifications we set out. The participants will be split up into heats, each heat will include 4 Commanders. During each heat the 4 Commanders pitted against each other will ram,slam and pound their opponents until they stand atop the pile of sidewinders and progress to the next heat. From here the tournament runs it’s course moving through the heats, quarter finals, semi finals and final round of 4. The order in which the last four commanders exit the competition will determine 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. Each heat/round may be streamed on our Official Twitch Channel. 

Catch the Pigeon NOT ACTIVE

Oh No !! A dirty Pirate has stolen the secret recipe to The Fuel Rats Snickers Bars !! Rats you are tasked with retrieving the recipe at all costs. Since we are a non combat group through you will have to ram the pirate once in order to force him to drop the recipe. Once you have obtained the recipe you then face a different challenge. In order for you to claim your prize you must return the recipe to Wollheim Vision, and I’m not sure the other rats are gonna let that happen so easily. You must dodge, duck, dive and dodge your way back to Wollheim Vision without loosing the cargo to another rat.


This event spans three smaller events. working as a team each group of 4 must compete in each event in order to raise there overall score. The team with the highest overall score at the end of the third event will win The TriRATalon.

First Leg – Pass the Parcel

A team relay race. each member of your team will play an important role as you move 1 ton of cargo across the bubble. The first member of you team will carry the cargo a set distance before dropping the cargo for the second member to scoop. this will repeat until the forth member gets the cargo, they will then carry the cargo to the finishing point where they will screen shot the stations UI to show the teams time. the fastest time wins.

Second Leg – Surly’s Speed Docking Challenge 

Grab a Sidewinder and get to Wollheim Vision, there is gonna be a DOCK OFF!! Competitors will crate a sidewinder to the specifications we lay out for the Sidewinder. The timer begins as soon as you enter the No Fire Zone and ends as soon as the stations UI appears. But you better be good and precise as your Sidewinder will have no shields and Surly wants these ships back in mint condition. Can you perform under pressure, have you got the skills it takes to dock a sidewinder in record time without smearing yourself against the wall of Wollheim Vision. LETS FIND OUT!!

 Third Leg – Treasure Hunt 

Clues will be given for a set of item, well 4 items to be exact the first team to collect all four items and return them to the events official will win this leg of the events, increasing their overall score and possibly winning  them the event! A mix of decision making, skill and speed is required.

 Evasive Action | NOT ACTIVE

This event will be open to the entire Elite Dangerous Community. Commanders will form into wings with other Commanders of their choosing. Each wing will have a route to follow and a destination to make. One of this wing will be marked as The Runner. His job is to evade all attempts to interdict him. His wing will engage the enemy and disrupt their enemies attacks by interdicting them. The Runner wing will be hunted by a guest wing from another player faction. The Hunters objective will be to interdict, target and screenshot the targeting of The Runner ship. The Runner wings objective will be to protect The Runner ship from being interdicted by preemptively  interdicting The Hunters before they get to The Runner. The Runner wing will start the event with 100 points, each interdiction on The Runner ship will loose his team a predetermined amount of those points. But its best not to dally around and dance with The Hunters to much, as you will be expected to make your destination within a certain time frame, if you’re late, well that’s gonna cost you points. No weapons will be permitted for either wing in this event, this is a test of pure flying skill and evasion tactics, good luck Commanders o7