How to do a post on this site:

If you want permission to create/edit/admin the site, contact Surly_Badger ( or one of the other site admins.

1) Say something

2) If you are adding pictures:

  1. create a gallery
  2. upload images into the gallery
  3. title each picture (please!)
  4. at the bottom right of your posting editor select “featured image” from the gallery

If you don’t want to use a gallery, use the ‘add media’ and insert individual media files in-line.

3) The media gallery is shared by everyone. So if you delete something from ‘media’ you may have just deleted something off someone else’s page. If you put something in media and you want to take it down, go ahead but otherwise it’s best to just let stuff pile up there.

4) Put tags “drama” “screenies” or whatever (take a look at the tag cloud or use one of the below):

Operation Screenshots

5) Put category (likewise) or use one of the below:



6) You may enable comments (the default) or disable them if you choose. To disable comments go to “posts” and then “quick edit” and uncheck “comments allowed” on the post. Don’t forget to update/save the post. If you allow comments on one of your posts: congratulations, you are now a curator of a comment blog.

2 thoughts on “How to do a post on this site:

  1. Absolutely resorted my faith in humanity and fuel to my tank. I was down right flabbergasted at the timely response and not to mention the superior professionalism of the Rats. To be honest I am not a easy person to deal with either. Broken mic, ignorance of the highest level, I can’t spell worth a damn either and yet I was met with nothing but tact and patience. The Rat’s have my respect, thank you. Not just for the fuel either.

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