I Need Fuel

Website Rattatoon: RescueClick on the left button to activate a chat session. Put your CMDR name (or GamerTag if you play on X-Box), current system and whether you’re on emergency o2 (Blue timer in the top right of your screen) and hit “Start”. You’ll be able to see which Fuel Rats are logged in and instantly talk with everyone. If there is a “Dispatch” he/she’ll be the one assigning people to help you.

If you find yourself stranded, log out to main menu and await further instructions.

If you’re just checking out the service to say “hello” that’s fine, you can press the green button to open the chat room.
For a visual reference of these steps along with default controls, refer to these Emergency Fuel Procedures.
If you encounter difficulties logging into our IRC chat and need fuel, please make a post on the subreddit with the above mentioned information for us to assist you!
When you join the chat, do not send or accept friend requests in-game until instructed to do so by the dispatcher.
There are griefers/miscreants that occasionally try to learn the location of stranded clients. We will rescue you, but you need to protect yourself. Please note that everyone using our IRC servers are subject to the Fuel Rats’ Terms of Service and Code of Conduct

Please choose your destination

I need to be rescued(I have no fuel and I must squeak)

I want to rescue clients
(or talk to The Mischief)
If you want to use your own IRC-client, you can connect to IRC.FUELRATS.COM Port: 6667 for regular and 6697 for SSL

And /join #FuelRats. Then say Ratsignal <your commander name> <your system> <PC or Xbox>