Rats’ Honors

Group Progression Fuel Rat Style

vig_ratshonoursFuel Rats don’t get paid by such trivial things like credits. We enjoy the heat of the rescue, the adrenaline rush of dispatching five cases simultariously, and being hailed by the community (sometimes).

Yet that is not all. Since the Fuel Rats are a honorary service, we also have Rat’s honours that show our dedication, and achievements.

The morale patches are constructed as a basic roundel with ‘decorators’ that go around it based on achievements. You start with this:

Fuel Rats Achievement Roundel
Fuel Rats Achievement Roundel

And there are other badges that fit with it. Such as the “Epic Rescue” laurel. Which looks like this when stacked with the roundel:

Roundel with Epic Achievement Laurels

The fully maxed-out achievement badge (at present) looks like this:

max gongage
Maximum Gongage. A: Rat Roundel B:3301 (first year in-game service) badge C: Hat of DISPATCH service D:  Red blublub of CASE RED success E: Rescue pip drop for 100 rescues (each) F:  500 rescue coronet G: Crown of 1000 Rescues H: Laurel of epic accomplishment


You can’t buy these; you can only earn them

How it works:


  • If you’re on the leaderboard, you can have the basic roundel. Congratulations, you are a Fuel Rat.
  • If you accomplished a rescue during calendar year 3301, in which we were founded, you are entitled to the ‘3301’ tag. Eventually, when you are old and your hands are too creaky to work a HOTAS, you will waveringly tell awestruck kids, “I was one of the 3301” and they’ll ask you why you didn’t die with King Leonidas.
  • If you’ve ever served as DISPATCH you are entitled to the talking hat.
  • If you’ve done a successful CASE RED rescue you can sport the notorious “red blub blub” tag.
  • For every 100 rescues up to 500, you can add a rescue pip.
  • Over 500 rescues you may add the 500 rescue coronet.
  • 1000 rescues and up, you own the leaderboard and the crown of amazing rescue accomplishment is yours. Remember, it would be false modesty not to display it.
  • The laurels of epic accomplishment are for Fuel Rats that have participated in an epic rescue or done something epic. For one thing, an epic rescue is always any rescue where you travelled more than 10,000ly to save someone. But the epic accomplishment laurels may also be granted for other epic things, to be determined.
  • Epic feat certificate for The FuelRatsHow are epic accomplishment laurels given out? It’s simple: some other rat has to nominate the recipient for the laurels. All you have to do is fill it out the form below and it’ll be reviewed and approved or deleted. If you did an epic rescue, nudge one of your buddies and have them put you in for it. If someone did something truly amazingly epic, like pulled David Braben to safety as a piano was about to fall on him from a 6th story window, thereby rescuing the entire game universe: that’s epic too. Put them in for it.
  • Submit your information. Eventually, you will get an envelope. In the envelope will be your badges. If “eventually” drags out too long, you may wish to “nag” me. The UK postal service appears to occasionally eat packages; they don’t like Fuel Rats probably because we deliver farther and faster than they ever will.

Current list of Epic Rats

To request your Achievement Badges


To nominate another Fuel Rat for the Epic Achievement Badge15-12560-WreathA

A huge shout-out of “Thanks!” to the amazing CMDR Father Cool who did the design and made it thoroughly awesome.