Rat Heat. A Fuel Rats Cartoon

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Rat Heat. TFP training side effects, by Uvelius Sång Things can become hot when Rats do the Tactical Face Plant training. Those Rattacondas seem strangely attracted by Rattaloogas …  Thanks to fellow Rat Jindrolim for the TFP training where these pictures were taken. The sandwich one is from Surly’s Drill. I am sure Jindrolim was behind […]

Rattalooga Tours. A Fuel Rats Cartoon Special

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Rattalooga Tours. Uvelius’ 100th Rescue Special, by Uvelius Sång In  the light of my 100th first limpet rescue celebration, and my absolute love for the Rattalooga,* I decided to  publish this Rattatoon  today already – usually, they are scheduled for the first Thursday each month. A very special thanks to esxste (Dispatch), Zatie, rex, Dystopia, Bold Mole, […]

Griefer Treatment. A Fuel Rats cartoon special.

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Griefer Treatment – Fuel Rats style, by Uvelius Sång Our very honoured Rat Zatie streamed his repeated encounters with two dedicated player killers, first of whom turned up as a Flea (former: “Cat”) at Fuel Rat rescues the same night, inspiring this spontaneous Rattatoon outside the usual First Thursday sequence. Zatie just pasted the playerkillers […]